Ambulatory Emergency Care Report - September 2015

In early September 2015, Healthwatch Hounslow began a Survey to review the Ambulatory Emergency Care (or AEC) service, currently based in the West Middlesex University Hospital.

The work undertaken within this review will go some way to identify clinical and financial outcomes of the service, prevalence of conditions, prevention rates and if the needs of patients from diverse, hard to reach ethnic minority language groups and those with a need for British Sign Language (BSL) or visual impairments are realised.

To better understand the efficacy of the service, Healthwatch Housnlow have:

  • Interviewed staff working within the AEC unit
  • Interviewed 20 GPs practising in the community
  • Interviewed 50 AEC patients
  • Reviewed admission and discharge data, identifying prevalence rates, financial impact indicators and speed of service.
  • Reviewed quarterly monitoring data
  • Identified referral routes
  • Reviewed information available to the community about the service.

Healthwatch Hounslow have sought to identify and support continued improvement in accessing and appropriately utilising the AEC service whilst presenting measurable outcomes and quantitative data appropriate to the day to day service delivery.


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Ambulatory Emergency Care Report - September 2015

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