Mum's the word at Hounslow’s Baby Cafés

If you have recently started a family and want to know more about how best to feed the baby, then head for one of Hounslow’s Baby Cafés.

Organised by the National Childcare Trust (NCT), Hounslow has four baby cafés which are aimed at providing new parents with all the help they need to give their little ones the best possible start.

The sessions are free and each one is run by an NCT Breastfeeding Coordinator. There’s no appointment necessary, you can just turn up and join in. So, whether you’re getting ready to breastfeed, establishing breastfeeding, continuing breastfeeding, expressing, mixed feeding, formula feeding, introducing solids, or stopping breastfeeding, head down to your nearest café to receive support, encouragement and reliable information.

Hounslow’s Baby Cafés