Insights from patients in the Urgent Care Centre and Accident & Emergency Department of West Middlesex University Hospital

In September 2017, Healthwatch Hounslow (HWH) undertook a survey of patients reporting toA&E (Accident & Emergency) and the UCC (Urgent Care Centre) of WMUH (West Middlesex University Hospital) in the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH).


The aim of our survey was to find out the possibility of reducing non-emergency attendance by local patients at the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) and A&E department of West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH). 


To obtain data, we decided to contact and request information from a cross section of local patients reporting to WMUH’s UCC and A&E units. Besides information collated from patients, we also planned to gather statistical data from WMUH’s A&E and UCC. To gather our data, we prepared a questionnaire. We received feedback from 250 patients waiting for treatment in the UCC and A&E waiting areas inside WMUH. Our feedback was obtained predominantly directly from patients themselves and in a few instances indirectly through their family/carer or through the parent/parents when a patient was a minor.


The objective of our survey was to ascertain the following:

  • Patients’ understanding of the UCC and A&E;
  • Patients’ understanding of the difference between the UCC and A&E;
  • Patients’ awareness of other local health services available to them in the LBH;
  • Patients’ understanding of the NHS’ present crisis situation and how they might help the NHS.


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UCT & A&E West Middlesex University Hospital November 2017

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